Gobsmacked!  Yea, that’s it!   Imagine my surprise when Cheri Spink, Events & Development Director, at the Anchorage Downtown Partnership contacted me about entertaining at the Summer Solstice Festival !

The distance, 3218 miles, was too far to drive, our schedule crowded, the expense considerable, what was she proposing I wondered?  Turns out one of the Partnership members was a trucking company, and they were able to arrange shipping our LARGE crates by truck and ship. So Jerry and I flew out, while the solar powered Bubble Tower and two Giant Parade Puppets enjoyed a more leisurely journey.

The weather was perfect, the skies cleared up, the sun shone brightly . . . if not 24 hours a day, darn near!  Shirt sleeve weather, though you might favor the sunny side of the street at times.

Queuing up for bubbles

A special shout out to the University of Alaska College Savings Plan who sponsored us.   They had a booth where they distributed literature and gave out sturdy shopping bags as premiums.  I pinned the bags to the legs of the Bubble Tower so folks would know who to thank.

A special attraction at the Festival was the Larger than life size, street legal Radio Flyer red wagon exhibited by Fred Keller and Judy Foster   of Wasilla, AK.

I posed Thirsty, one of our Giant Puppets, with the Wagon, for photos, perhaps someone will see this and send us a copy?


Reindeer hot dogs!

Furry Alaskan bicycle drink kosy !

Furry Alaskan bicycle drink kosy !

In our short visit we learned so much.  Stay tuned for further news.

Our Giant Parade Puppet and bubbles make The Anchorage Daily News photo gallery  from the summer solstice festival.



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