Many thanks to NV Energy for sponsoring the solar powered Bubble Tower at the Lakes Festival of Lights presented at the Lakes at West Sahara in Las Vegas!

This was a last minute booking, and we scrambled to present the Bubble Tower in Las Vegas on the same day that

Stretch the Giant Candy Cane, Quak the holiday Penguin, Giant Parade Puppet, menorah and Dancing Christmas Trees

performed in  the Tulsa Holiday Parade in the historic Blue Dome District in Downtown Tulsa.


I heard the kids LOVED the Bubble Tower – I could hear them screaming in delight when I called Jerry to see how he was doing!  THANK YOU Greg Toussaint, President of the Lakes Association.  You were terrific to work with in getting this organized at the last minute, and securing NV Energy as a sponsor.


What a crowd!  The world's biggest bubble toy is a hit!

What a crowd! The world's biggest bubble toy is a hit!


“We had the largest crowd ever… somewhere over 10,000 people.  The Bubble Tower was the hit of the Festival.  The kids just loved it.

The (sponsors) NBC News3 team was happy and so was NV Energy.  We hope to do it again next year.
Jerry did a great job.  Please thank him again for me.”

“The Bubble Tower was a tremendous success.”

Greg Toussaint, Pres. The Lakes Association

The Lakes Festival of Lights, Las Vegas, NV


Bubbles!  I want bubbles!

Bubbles! I want bubbles!

“Hi Bill:

It was a big hit with everyone except the car show participants.  The bubbles made their way to some of the cars and left a white residue behind on the cars.  We will know for next time to locate it accordingly.

It was great to see the kids having so much fun with something that seems so simple.  We should all take notes from the kids on that.  🙂  . . . I will be sure to let everyone know what a popular feature it was at the event.  Thank you for introducing us to such a fun thing.”

Audrie Dodge, liaison

Councilman Steve Wolfson, Ward 2