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Entertainment for all with stilt walkers

By |2016-10-20T23:07:25-07:00March 21st, 2013|Stilt Walking, Strolling Entertainment, What they say about|

Paul Simms from Corporate Entertainment Professionals in the UK, is our guest blogger today. He says it better than I can; stilt walkers are becoming more popular at corporate events because event professionals increasingly recognize [...]

Stilt Walking Parties ! Stilt Walking Clinics !

By |2020-02-25T15:40:56-08:00May 3rd, 2009|Stilt Clinic, Stilt Party, Stilt Walking|

Stilt walking parties and clinics are popular this year! We have booked more stilt walking clinics at libraries and school PTO carnivals this year than ever before! The stilt walking parties have always been popular [...]