Paul Simms from Corporate Entertainment Professionals in the UK, is our guest blogger today. He says it better than I can; stilt walkers are becoming more popular at corporate events because event professionals increasingly recognize how stilt walkers can be a major asset for nearly any event. Besides entertaining your guests and sponsors, stilt performers draw the media, both social and traditional. When you hire stilt walkers, you can fully expect newspaper photographers and TV film crews to feature your UPstanding entertainment ! And don’t be surprised to find them posted to FB and YouTube as well !

Entertainment for all with stilt walkers
“Many people look for stilt walkers for hire to provide entertainment for an array of events. One of the most pleasing aspects of stilt walkers is that they appeal to a wide range of people and can be used to entertain both children and adults. When you book stilt walkers through entertainment agencies, you should expect the walkers themselves to be fully trained, highly-experienced and CRB checked – as well as insured. There are countless situations that you could book stilt walkers for, and they have been known to be used for promotional purposes, for parties, corporate events and even as street entertainers. More and more people are noticing how versatile they are, and their popularity is spreading notably as a result.
What to expect
You can even book stilt walkers to support any theme that you wish. If you find that a theme is not immediately offered by an agency you can expect bespoke services to be in place to ensure that your plans can be fully catered for. Some walkers can even combine stilt-walking with other skills such as juggling or balloon-modelling to wow your guests and enhance further the level of entertainment on offer. You can usually find stilt-walking acts to suit almost any budget, but some factors that may influence what you pay can include the day of the booking, location and the length of time that you wish to enjoy their services for. Some agencies are very flexible and will work around your budget in order for you to put on an exceptional event even when funds are limited.
Spreading excitement
You can expect stilt walkers to be fully trained, usually at circus schools. It is important to ensure that public liability insurance and CRB checks are in place, but any reputable agency will address these issues rigorously. The fact that stilt walking acts can appeal to people of all ages means that you can help ensure that all concerned can enjoy your event. The fact that they can be seen from far away also means that everyone can be involved in the entertainment that they offer without needing to struggle to view them. You can expect the walkers to fully engage with your guests and to contribute to a warm, welcoming and fun atmosphere at all times. Rather than being confined to a stage, they can also move around freely, spreading a feel of joy and excitement all around your chosen environment.
Accommodating your theme
Stilt walking acts can contribute to a virtually infinite number of different themes, so no matter what the nature of your event is, you can guarantee that they can slip in easily to help bring extra excitement and adventure to any event. Stilt walkers for hire that can offer multiple skills are highly sought after and can be relied upon to impress and engage with your guests, bringing an exciting party atmosphere to any environment.”
This article has been written by the Corporate Entertainment Professionals
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