Hey kid! Got any fish sauce for that funnel cake?


Did some research at the Taste of Colorado, took one of our two penguins for a stroll.


Ahhhh, gimme a hug!

Ahhhh, gimme a hug!

Didn’t realize it at the time, but my over size cartoon glove kept covering up the “G” in “herring”.   That explains (?) some of the “got heroin?!” comments . . . I think.

More hugs, please!

More hugs, please!

The other side of the sign reads “just passing thru”.  Didn’t use it as often.

Lots of folks wanted to pose for photographs.  Only three people

offered to tip.  Parking was $7, and we made $2.75 in tips!  Think I’ll

keep my day job!



PS, so now you know, penguins are not just for the Christmas holidays!