When I saw this article, I couldn’t help thinking about how it related to the many, many requests entertainers receive, sometimes daily, for free or discounted entertainment. I’ve gotten as many as three requests for free entertainment in one day. Some of the requests come from out of state!

What is irksome, is when the vast majority these requests come off as demands: “We are a non profit, so you owe us”. When no effort is made to make a connection with the entertainer everyone loses.

I get a three page letter urging me to renew a magazine subscription. From some non profit organizations I get a one sentence request that reads more like a demand than a request. My time is worthless; their time is worth everything because they are a “non profit”!

When the non profit desires the entertainer to make a personal, emotional connection with the audience, on behalf of the non profit and their worthy cause, but the representative of the non profit does not want to take the time, or make an effort to do the same with the entertainer, everyone loses!

Here is the article, please read it and see what you think. I look forward to learning your thoughts on the subject.
An excerpt:

Personal relationships increase donations
People tend to be more sympathetic to people suffering from the same misfortune as a friend. But friendship with a victim does not make people generally more sympathetic, according to the authors of a new study in the Journal of Consumer Research.

The authors note that participants’ sympathy did not increase overall, just for victims of the same misfortune. “So friendship with a victim does not simply make people more sympathetic; rather it directs their sympathy to others with the same misfortune as their friend or loved one,” they explain.

The authors’ findings may help charities refine their fundraising strategies. “If, as our results show, a relationship created in the lab in a few minutes can significantly increase giving, then surely a charity can inspire a connection between a victim and a benefactor through its solicitations,” they write.

Source:UniversityofChicagoPress Journals


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