Meals on Wheels, Cowboy Stretch’s trusty long horned, long haired brown cow steed waits patiently for his next ride. Stretch’s new stilt bike is sure to be a hit at your parade, county fair or festival!

We all love a good story.  By adding  a Leprechaun and a pot of gold for the St Patrick’s Parade, the Stilt Bike becomes a platform for enriching and enlarging  the  parade experience.

Greater mobility means I can travel the car show AND the entire festival perimeter in just a few minutes at the Surprise Party in Surprise, AZ.

If you have a special theme in mind, let us know, we love to come up with new characters and props to implement and extend your theme or brand.

Trusty steed Meals on Wheels, ridden by Cowboy Stretch, Champion Giraffe Milker. Perfect for your parade, or for promoting your fair or festival. I can cover a lot of ground with my stilt bike, and folks really notice a nine foot tall stilt performer riding a bicycle![/caption]

Come the holiday season, I expect Meals on Wheels to sport a red nose and reindeer antlers, or maybe moose antlers and a hat?  Who knows?!

For an art fair, perhaps Mona Lisa will join Stretch for a ride?

Stretch on his trusty steed Meals on Wheels!

Stretch on his trusty steed Meals on Wheels! A brown eyed, long horned shaggy haired cow conveyance! The stilt bike makes fast work of roaming the festival grounds, the antique car show, and even the midway!

Moments before this photo was taken, the nice horsey was nuzzling Meals on Wheels trying to puzzle him out!
Meals on Wheels was a popular attraction. While on parade, he did a fine job dodging road apples and light rail tracks! When the parade paused for traffic, I was able to circle in the street for the many camera phones and photographers. Too much fun!