For several years Aprapahoe Library District has offered our Stilt Walking Clinics at various libraries in the metro area. Lasting about an hour, the clinics feature instruction with several sizes of old fashioned hand held wood stilts, as well as bucket stilts made from two or three gallon pastry buckets.

The Library District also uses our Stilt Clinics as part of their community outreach in conjunction with their Bookmobile visits. They wrote a kind letter about their experience.

Many thanks to Pam Grover for the photo.

This year, Rangeview Library District will also be offering our Stilt Clinics to their patrons.

This program is suitable indoors or out, year around., all ages from about six years old and older. Teaches focus, balance, coordination, listening skills, patience and determination.

Can be adapted to use as a fun team building exercise or stilt tournament fund raiser.

To arrange for a stilt walking clinic or party please contact me at or 303-922-4655.

The book titled MOKO JUMBIES: The Dancing Spirits of Trinidad is a wonderful book on the subject, with many wonderful photos.

Book titles from DrStilts incude

Moko Jumbie Dancers of the Virgin Islands


Dr. Stilts Academy of Dance Studio

Dr. Stilts Deh Moko Jumbie

The book “Circus Techniques: Juggling, Equilibristics, Vaulting by Hovey Burgess” (1977) has several pages of instruction and photos of stilt walking and performing tips. Covers hand held and strap on peg stilts.

Click here and here to view my collection of photos and sketches of stilt walkers, some over 100 years old.
More recent photos of stilt performers from all over the world are shown here and here.

Visit here to learn how to make your own stilts or to buy our stilts.

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